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Dear subscriber and aromatic explorer, I extend a very warm welcome to this fragrant monthly newsletter.  If Mailchimp works (please message me if it doesn't on IG or email), it will arrive on the first Sunday at 11am pst, and inside you will see the password to the current month's collection.

Next launch will be: April 7th 11am PST 

I am deeply grateful for the tutelage and treat it as an honor, to be learning from such a sophisticated and beautiful system of incense artistry that is KyaraZen.  It is a deeply meaningful personal journey I am inspired to share with everyone through this newsletter.

With respect for your awareness, I take seriously what will touch your senses.  The focus is purity, and scent profiles that are creative and curious without being assaulting or harsh - ultimately, striving to exceed already high standards.  Some of the new frontiers being charted are utilizing ingredients I evaluate that come from new places.  Thus bringing together the techniques of control that make this style of incense sticks so sophisticated, with materials never before articulated in such a way.  With my August 2023 3 Year anniversary collection I launched my first in a series of natural perfumery aromatics as well as unique artisan teas from the beautiful Mauna Kea Tea farm i've been learning with for over a decade.   

Thanks again for your support and interest, I hope you find real joy and peace from these artisan aromatics born of head in heart in hands.  Made with Goodwill and good faith, in a kind of paradise, this Hawai'i island sanctuary, for your forever wellness.

Yi-Xin Studio, Hawai'i Island
March 2024 
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